We’ll help you, your staff and volunteers give your visitors a day they’ll remember and tell their friends about fondly.

Whether you are a national museum, a historic house, an open-air site, or a niche independent, we can help you find the right stories to tell and help you share them.

Storytelling can be used for so much more than engaging visitors with your collection or site: we’ll get you looking at customer care, donations & membership, tours & talks as well as room stewarding in a whole new light.

Enhancing Visitor Experience

Proactive Interaction, Welcoming and Hosting.

There are many ways to help your visitors connect with, understand and enjoy your site or collection.

We believe the best is interactions with your staff and volunteers. We can help both new and experienced volunteers and staff understand the value of these conversations to both visitors and your site. We’ll help them find the best things to say, when and where, to ensure visitors want to stay longer, do more and come back.

Cross-selling, Membership and Donations

Feel awkward asking for donations and membership? You’re not alone.

But visitors’ support is crucial.

Our workshop finds ways of growing this supportive relationship through their understanding of the role this plays in your story.

By promoting activities or purchases based on their interests, it doesn’t have to be the embarrassing bit crowbarred into the end of a conversation.

Creating a Visitor Charter

We all want to make a good first impression. And second, and third.

Your front of house team are the ones who keep making these impressions on your visitors.

By creating and having a visitor charter, staff and volunteers will understand, define and own what they need to do to make sure your brand and values are experienced by visitors at all times.

Engaging Visitors with Interaction

Storytelling to Interact and Communicate with Visitors

Visitors remember that special insight they get when talking to a volunteer or member of staff.

More than just finding out an extra little secret that unlocks their understanding and appreciation, it’s having it tailored to their level of interest and knowledge.

We’ll help your team learn storytelling techniques that will help them pick and choose the right things to share in a beautiful, descriptive, captivating way.

Object and Story Conversations

Formally at a table or wandering around with a choice piece in your hand, handling objects are a great way to engage all ages. We can help you find the different themes any object can lead you to, create the appropriate story, and find how to share it as an interactive conversation.

Tour Guiding

A good tour guide is friendly, engaging and knows their stuff. A great tour guide uses that knowledge to tell the right stories, in the right locations, across your site. They enjoy adapting and varying their content in response to their audience, who appreciate the unique insights they receive. We have workshops for both novice guides and seasoned old hands.

Finding your Stories

Which stories does your site tell? Are they the right ones? Anything over-represented or overlooked? Is there something for everyone?

We can help you find the stories your interpretation can tell and capture the ingredients that make them, to inspire future themes and new perspectives.


Case Studies