William Morris Gallery Comfortably Encouraging Donations.


The William Morris Gallery wanted to help their staff and particularly volunteers to feel more confident and comfortable about cross-selling and asking for donations. We suggested a discussion based and practical workshop to support and develop them in their role, while also drawing on the experience of the group to ensure the training would be relevant to the William Morris Gallery and its visitors.


The workshop looked practically at how the group and individuals could use their visitors’ interests and questions to guide how they could tell them about the William Morris Gallery and also comfortably encourage them to make a donation and ensure they are aware of other things they might be interested in seeing and doing or spending their money on. Working together they developed informal dialogues to guide visitors to further opportunities, to allow them to get the most from their visit and to encourage purchases related to their interests or activities. We asked the group to identify for themselves why donations were so important to the gallery and to turn the resulting enthusiasm into stories that celebrated the vital role donations and donors have played and do play in the life of the William Morris Gallery.


By the end of the workshop the participants had a much clearer understanding and a more confident practice of how they could improve someone’s visit and how they needed to watch, listen and respond differently to each visitor. The group tackled what it was about donations and cross-selling they were fearful or wary about and found legitimate reasons and benefits for them instead. As a result of the training and the efforts of the volunteers, the Business Development Officer let us know that donations had significantly increased.