Warner Bros. Studio Tour London


Warner Bros. Studio Tour London wanted all their visitor facing staff (catering, car parks, retail, admissions, interactors…) to be more proactive about initiating and having conversations with visitors, towards, ideally, sharing a story about the Harry Potter films.


We designed a 1-day workshop, in collaboration with the managers of all departments that would accommodate staff with different experience and job roles. The workshop provided an opportunity for the participants to identify the different appropriate levels of interaction they could have with visitors: with awareness for where they met visitors within the studio, what different positive outcomes a conversation could have and what could and should be said or included in the conversation. All participants also developed a story they could share with a visitor about the Harry Potter films and how they were made. The creation of the story also gave participants a set of techniques they could use to colour the quality of how they communicate. At the end of the day the participants practiced (with each other) how they would approach visitors, involve them in a conversation and share their story.


Mixing participants from all teams and departments initially demonstrated the differences between their roles but as the day went on the different teams started to see that they were collectively responsible and all able to enhance someone’s visit. Working together for the day allowed them to meet each other and get to know how they could send on and receive visitors to and from each other throughout the whole studio. Some individuals who had been terrified by the idea of having to talk about the making of the films realised they had more to offer to visitors. More confident and experienced staff were able to share their knowledge and were challenged to re think and refresh their practice too.