The Science Museum Group Donation Request Stories


The Science Museum’s donations team have an extremely short amount of time as the public enter, to encourage a donation whilst also sharing the practical information needed at the start of a visit. Under a minute. It was felt that storytelling techniques could help bring that pitch to life, as well as helping to prevent the teams from getting too bored or formulaic.


During our half day workshop staff came together from all the Science Museum’s sister sites: National Media Museum, Museum of Science and Technology and the National Railway Museum to learn storytelling techniques. Their experience showed, allowing us to push them to refine what they were already good at and to experiment and take a risk with new approaches to asking for a donation using story and storytelling. They pulled together their joint experience and knowledge and incorporated what they had learnt into their usual messaging to each create pitches to fit the allocated 1 minute, without them feeling rushed or pushy.


Since each participant had planned their pitch for a different audience group, their minute-long stories were targeted, specific and precise. Participants shared those pitches at the end, giving them all a selection to ‘borrow’ from on their next shift. The group left feeling more confident and at ease to approach visitors, and to overcome the challenge of such a quick interaction, and engage them with the possibility of donating.

“Josh is a wonderful trainer who tailored The Whole Story ethos perfectly to our fundraising methods at the Science Museum Group. All of our teams have since used the training effectively to give a higher level of customer service and engaging content in our conversations with visitors.”

Individual Giving Executive, Science Museum Group

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