Liverpool Football Club Museum and Tour Creating and Delivering a Tour


Liverpool was undergoing a large upgrade of their Main Stand. This would now bring Anfield up to 54000 capacity, but at a great cost to the regular tours being run. Due to the Health and Safety implications of it being a working building site, it wasn’t possible for the tour to visit some of it’s most iconic stops, including the changing rooms, the tunnel and the dugout. It was suggested that the tour could be reduced in length and cost. We were asked to help ensure the quality of the tour was not lost while encountering these practical problems


Rather than change the length the tour took the guides, who were a mix of actors and dyed in the wool Liverpool fans, came onto one of two full day workshops. Most of them were very experienced, so our time was spent looking at storytelling techniques such as descriptive language to bring to life what wasn’t visible, alongside identifying which stories would help focus on the positives of the temporary tour route.


All the guides added the techniques of the training to their current way of delivering tours. One commented to the museum and tours manager that if only this training had been offered to them twenty years ago, their work would have been a good deal easier, and more fun.