1 day of Storytelling for Book Week


To celebrate their Book Week, the school brought in TheWholeStory to help get the children excited about the magic of reading and as a special way to inspire them to create there own writing.


The school chose to have storytelling performance and follow – on literacy work suitable for each year group. Through discussions with the school, we determined the best schedule considering : their timetable, the type of sessions required, which Key Stages could take part and the number of sessions to take place. We selected the best stories for each group, to ensure the children would get the most from our visit.


The children were treated to professional storytelling performances, bringing characters and events from around the world to life in front of their eyes. They experienced the great depth of detail and description that can be used to enhance a narrative, and considered how they might use this within their own responses, whether written or drawn, to what they heard. The children were left with a greater hunger for more stories; to make there own and discover them within the school’s collection of books.

“Josh is the most laid back, unfussy performer it has ever been my pleasure to book. And the work he got out of our top set, but behaviorally challenged, Year 7 boys was superb. I always recommend him without hesitation.”

Caroline Roche, Resource Centre Manager/Support Staff Training Manager,
Holmesdale Technology College

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