Everybody Writes Launch in Croydon (INSET)


Everybody Writes is an approach to writing aimed at making it enjoyable and relevant for young people. To launch themselves within Croydon, they had a day of activities for primary school English teachers to help them develop their own creativity and understand how to plan new and exciting projects. TheWholeStory were asked to provide a practical element to the day.


Our section of the day was to be both fun, informative, relevant, challenging and creative. We started with storytelling performance to model the differences and benefits of telling stories without the aid of books, before going through the process of preparing a story for performance.


By the end of the morning, we had a great atmosphere with everyone on their feet layering up their story, creating their own unique versions. The session ended by reflecting on what had been learned, how it could best be applied back in their schools to help children with their writing. We also shared a selection of our favourite writing activities stimulated by storytelling.