1 day INSET for a Primary School Hertfordshire Primary School


Following a recommendation we were contacted, by the Head, about what INSET we could provide to inspire and develop pupils’ writing, especially with able children. The workshop would need to take in to account the different ages the teachers worked with


We suggested a day of storytelling training that would enable the staff to confidently put down their books and enchant and inspire their class with stories. The training also included ways in which to facilitate activities to inspire young writers to create work of greater variety and imagination. The training was based upon our own experience and success of using storytelling to ignite children’s imaginations and enthusiasm for writing.


The practical nature of the workshop allowed the participants to understand the use of storytelling through the experience of doing it and by placing themselves in the children’s shoes. The staff finished the day with a long list of new ways to use storytelling with their classes and as a team. Later the same week we delivered a storytelling workshop to Year 2, while an OFSTED inspector visited, who was very impressed with our activity and the school received ‘good with outstanding features’ across the board.

”It reminded me of the importance and strength of storytelling and how widely it can impact on learning.”

Workshop Participant, INSET day Hartsbourne School, Herts

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