Research Partnership Finding the Story


Research Partnership are a global pharmaceutical market research company who already recognised the importance of story to effectively communicate, but wished to refine and extend their use of storytelling to ensure they stood out in how they communicated and shared their results to clients. The Marketing Director took part in one of our taster workshops and went on to commission training for the company’s Directors to help them find the story which best encapsulated key research findings and insights. This story could be told as an animation for clients or would become part of their face to face presentations.


Our half day workshop helped the Directors to consider what qualities they wished to adopt, from what they believed or had experienced as good storytelling. In the workshop the Directors experienced our practical process to realise those qualities, explore and better understand what to share from a piece of research and found the story which best illustrated and effectively communicated the points they wished their audience to take.


During the delivery of the workshop to 3 different groups from Research Partnership’s UK, Asian and US offices, the Directors noticed immediately the power of examining their findings through the lens of storytelling. Presenting insights from previously unconsidered perspectives gave their research new weight and impact. They have come away being able to present in a more interesting and efficient style with a greater enthusiasm for what they communicate.

“We asked The Whole Story to come and give a half day storytelling training session to all our Directors with the aim of helping them to find the story in their global market research findings. All the attendees came back enthusing about the course and how useful it was. All said it exceeded their expectations and all said they would recommend it to others.”

Marketing Director, Research Partnership.

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