Young MCA Positive Personal Impact and Networking


The Management Consultancies Association run a networking group for Management Consultants in the early years of their careers, the Young MCA. We were approached by them to deliver a masterclass in storytelling process that would enable the participants to leave with a toolkit to better win business, make positive connections with colleagues and clients and improve their verbal and written communication.


We created a high tempo, 90-minute session delivered to 120 participants, who each created a story with which to sell themselves, through their work achievements, to potential clients. With the aid of TheWholeStory associates, we ensured full participation from all present, leaving them not only with their presentation, but the ability to apply the skills learnt to both the creation and delivery of future presentations. These would be applicable when presenting to large groups or less formally on a one-to-one basis.


The highly participatory workshop required much pair-work and peer feedback throughout, which helped participants from many different consultancies become acquainted with each other and the work they undertook. This practise of collaborative work enabled a far greater participation in the subsequent networking session. Participants were so impressed with the workshop that we subsequently won work with both Digital Public and Mott MacDonald, members of whom had both been present.

“theWholeStory did two workshops for the Young Management Consultancy Association – a group of people who after a long day at work would be a tricky audience to please. However, Josh and Lily were so successful in creating a dynamic, exciting evening, where everyone felt like they learnt something practical that they could apply to their day job, that we invited them back to do a second event. The comments from the attendees were very positive. I would recommend using theWholeStory for their original approach applied in an accessible and useable way – and of course for their ability to win over a roomful of consultants after a hard day at the office!”

Chair of the Young MCA

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