Ernst & Young Storytelling to compliment Sponsorship


As part of Ernst & Young’s sponsorship of major arts exhibitions, they involve their employees in activities, to encourage engagement in the exhibitions and provide opportunities for interaction with clients. Following a recommendation from Arts & Business, TheWholeStory was asked to create training to equip up to 70 participants with the skills to work confidently in teams as Art Guides, at client receptions within the exhibition.


TheWholeStory devised and led workshops applying storytelling skills, techniques and games. The workshops enabled the participants to create and structure art historical information about the exhibition. The workshops also provided the opportunity to acquire and practice the necessary performance and presentation skills. An important element of the workshop was to show that personal opinions or responses can help others find their own initial connection to a work of art, on to which they could then find a broader engagement with it.


The fun but effective workshops allowed participants, from various E&Y departments and offices, to meet and collaborate together as teams prior to the receptions. The positive, encouraging but also challenging nature ensured that confidence and self-esteem were boosted. Participants left the creative workshop with a greater understanding of their subject and the tools to speak and interact spontaneously. TheWholeStory were subsequently involved with E&Y’s next sponsorship project, providing similar workshops, alongside more advanced elements.