CSLE Collaborative Story


The Cross Sector Leadership Exchange brings together strategic partners across the public and third sector to provide an environment that facilitates the development of their leaders. To close their regular Leading Without Boundaries 3-day intensive course, they needed a collaborative workshop that allowed groups of participants to tackle the difficult issues raised and to understand how to address them. These ideas and solutions then had to communicated back to their respective organisations, winning over both hearts and minds for the challenges ahead. A CSLE board member attended one of our open workshops and recommended us for the 2016-2017 programme.


Over our full day workshop, participants were challenged to work in teams to see how their different organisations could work together to solve complex problems from the course. This involved negotiation, listening and collaboration, all within a very tight timeframe. They were then split up to pull apart their thoughts individually and by pairing up with members of other teams before regrouping in their teams to reach an agreed final story that could be presented back to the room.


Each cohort, who has taken part in our Collaborative Story workshop, found that the humanising aspect of storytelling, allowed their solutions to be tangible and actionable, both in their own eyes and in that of their audiences. By considering the many different perspectives of individuals and organisations involved, unexpected insights were revealed which helped them tell their story engagingly and with awareness for the ramifications of each solution.

“The step-by-step tools were simple to understand and provided obvious benefit, even if used in isolation. The technique of using story-telling, particularly telling the story from another’s perspective, was very powerful and has stuck with me.

Josh kept a good control over the proceedings, moving things forward when necessary and maintaining the energy in the room through enthusiasm and building on suggestions. The session didn’t drag because it was interesting, light-hearted and memorable.”

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