Balfour Beatty Rail The Strategy Story


Balfour Beatty Rail had a new strategy that needed to be communicated to all levels, from senior managers to the workforce on the railway lines. The strategy existed as highly detailed information and as a visual overview to introduce each element of the strategy. What was missing was a way to share, explain and present the strategy that was specific and relevant to each audience without it being either over generalised or irrelevantly detailed.


TheWholeStory spent a day with 50 senior managers. During the morning they explored the strategy in relation to each of their functions, digesting the detailed information to identify what areas of the strategy they could implement. In the afternoon, in a 2-hour workshop, we facilitated how the senior managers could each communicate the strategy to specific audiences in a variety of environments. We focused on the participants finding real examples to demonstrate the rational, process and benefits that would mean something to the different audiences


From the process of the workshop the senior managers gained a greater insight into the strategy, expanded their understanding and could give an authentic and adaptable expression of it. Throughout they were encouraged to become comfortable in “being themselves”, to build an authentic rapport with their partners in the workshop and ultimately with clients, employees and colleagues. By using the framework of a story the managers had a simple and adaptable method to organise and access the contents of the strategy so it could be delivered in an effective yet spontaneous manner as and when required, to suit the occasion or audience

“Things are going very well with the managers after your workshop. The follow up 10 top tips were really well received and helpful.”

Internal Communications Manager


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