Wakefield CCG Preparing for Authorisation.


The board were preparing for authorisation, and wanted their many experiences and expertises to come together to create a compelling story for Wakefield CCG. This would be of further help when communicating the changes and benefits that were coming into place, whether speaking to patients, clinicians, councillors or other stakeholders. We were recommended to the board’s OD consultant by colleagues, who had attended workshops we delivered to Management in Partnership members.


We were asked for a half-day workshop that would allow the board to work collectively on the CCG’s story; helping each other confront and answer the difficult questions they foresaw being asked. They then individualised each story, making it relevant to their specialism and their target audience.


By incorporating all the techniques learnt, each board member had a well constructed, 3-minute piece they could tell confidently, clearly and engagingly. A few were told, giving an opportunity to offer group feedback, and creating a much stronger and cohesive understanding as a team of their joint values and goals.

“The Whole Story ran a fantastic workshop with NHS Wakefield CCG as part of our Board development. We are really keen to use storytelling to positively convey the vision and priorities of the CCG to our patients, member practices, partners and staff. Learning and practising the skills of storytelling with TheWholeStory was interactive, insightful, and extremely memorable.”

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Wakefield Clinical Commissioning Group


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