Individual Coaching Preparing a Presentation


R had taken part in our workshops “Sharing the Message” and in “Vocal and Physical Pressence” and wanted to use the same techniques to work intensely and one to one to develop an important upcoming presentation. She wished to explore and refine her content and to improve how she used her body and voice to be able to confidently present to a challenging audience. She had some fears that were holding her back from sharing her content, which she knew was important and valid.


R spent the first half of the morning with Lily, deconstructing her content and rebuilding it as a narrative, they explored who her audience was and how she could tackle any problems or issues they may raise in a positive manner and they distilled the ingredients of her story to ensure it worked towards the outcomes and meanings she wanted to reach. In the second half of the morning before a late lunch, Ben guided R in how she could best use her voice and pbiody to hold and deliver her message and build an effective relationship with her audience. In the afternoon R had time to apply her learning before giving her presentation to Ben and Lily, who gave her feedback and practical comments for her to be able measure her improvement and areas for further work.


R left feeling enthused and energized and looking forward to practicing her presentation further. She had some simple techniques to draw on that gave her a strong foundation for her confidence. From the day she gained greater insight, both on her content and how she could deliver it, that helped to make her presentation more powerful.

“I just wanted to say thank you for an excellent day yesterday and express how grateful I am to you both. There were a couple of insightful nuggets that were particularly powerful which I think have the potential to make all the difference for me. I know I need committed practice and focus – but I am smiling whilst I write this – as the thought of practicing actually feels like it could be fun?!. Hopefully the results will speak for themselves! Thank you again for an invaluable session.”

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