COEO Vocal and Physical Presence


COEO supports how businesses use and optimise their data software. We were asked to help how their technically brilliant consultants communicate with individuals within their clients’ businesses, who usually do not have the same expertise. Our client at COEO was particularly interested in how we could help the consultants to enliven their presentations and be able to better use their personal impact and presence. Ben Joiner met with our client to best plan the form and content of the workshop to ensure the participants would feel comfortable with the training and be able to get the most from it.


The 1 day workshop with 10 participants started by introducing the principal that communication is as much what you do as what you say. The workshop then went on to explore and practice how to make the most natural and effective use of the participants’ voices and body’s. Ben helped the participants to use their body language, how to hold the space they are in, being inclusive and responsive to their audience and how to use inflection and modulation of their voices to help make the delivery of their technical, analytical and factual content interesting and enticing. At the end of the day Ben tackled particular problems or issues, by working with each individual with the whole group present. Instead of this being a stressful situation the group were able to support each other, share in common problems and learn from each other’s development.


The thought provoking day enabled the group, who usually didn’t get to work together, to find creative and collaborative solutions to how they communicated. They left feeling more confident to communicate with their clients, as they could now deliver their technical subject matter with more energy, applying their deeper understanding of how to successfully use their physicality and voice.

“Thanks for the workshop, the feedback has all been positive and I think the group found it sufficiently ‘left field’ (in a good way) to be memorable.”

Professional Development and Operations Manager, COEO

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