Lansons Communicating the new Brand


Lansons is a full service strategic consultancy, specialising in corporate, media and political communications. They had developed their brand and values and wanted training to focus their people on the finding their feet with what this meant and how they could share and embody the brand with existing and future clients. We offered a workshop where individuals could find their Lansons story. Responding to the new brand participants would create a story that would be unique to them, authentic, engaging and memorable and explain what makes Lansons better and different. The workshops would focus on creating stories that would inform conversation with clients at an upcoming event however the techniques and the stories created could be reapplied and adapted as needed.


Over 6 half-day workshops we worked with all 150 staff, from the founders to reception. The training gave them the skills and confidence to tell the company’s story to a variety of audiences, within a variety of contexts. Responding to the new brand participants used our storytelling techniques to create their own interpretation; incorporating examples and experiences from their own work. Over the process of the workshop they explored together what makes Lansons better and different and how to make that relevant to themselves, their specific audience and their desired outcomes.


Before finally launching the new brand the workshops helped Lansons to finalise the details, by listening to how their staff shared it as stories about how it exists in the their own and their clients’ experiences. The participants were able to better understand and digest the meaning and intentions of the new branding and see it justified in terms of their own work, their colleagues and of the business as a whole. The techniques of the workshop encouraged the participants to use language and descriptions (of the key wording of the branding) that were defined and articulated with real and considered meaning. The techniques also challenged the participants to think about their tone of voice, to discover new insights from well used case studies and overall gave everyone a new pallet from which to enhance their communication and interaction.

“The storytelling sessions really helped people tell a ‘corporate’ story in a very individual, personal way – and helped them to bring it alive in a way that resonated with them personally. The sessions were very much enjoyed by all who attended.”

Director, Lansons


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