Ernst & Young Storytelling to Communicate and Explore Values


Ernst & Young appreciate the benefits of being a values based company for their clients and employees. As part of the global re-launching of their values, they required a drop-in activity to engage their staff with the values. This would take place in the foyer of their London HQ.


TheWholeStory were asked to facilitate the staff’s involvement in ‘Frame of Mind’, a wall on which to write or draw responses to the values. We encouraged passers-by to engage with the values, by reading what others had written and in turn inspiring colleagues with their own stories. We helped them to make a personal connection to the values and to turn their experiences into a story to be written on the wall.


The completed wall drew much attention and discussion from staff. With our prompting many reflected on their own response to the values, how they embody them, as well as why they chose to work at Ernst & Young. While offering an opportunity for feedback the wall proved an invaluable barometer for gauging the staff’s understanding of the values and how well they had been communicated. Placing the wall prominently in the foyer made it a talking point for visiting clients. This made them aware of Ernst & Young’s positive, pro-active role in creating a differentiated client and employee experience.