Crimestoppers Trust Finding our Story


The Trust wanted to change its tone of voice in communications. The public often assumed that it was part of the police, too rarely realising that it is an independent charity that guarantees your anonymity when they share the details of a crime with the police. We suggested a workshop for a cross section of staff, to create stories that could be used both internally and externally, which would give a breadth of experiences and perspectives on what Crimestoppers does.


Staff took part in a full day collaborative storytelling workshop, by collectively creating stories about Crimestoppers in small groups. Whilst respecting the much prized anonymity of callers, the stories were created that incorporated the authentic emotional impact of both being aware of criminal activity and of doing something about. These stories helped promote the safe sharing of information with Crimestoppers, reassuring listeners by including descriptions of what takes place over a call.


A selection of excellent stories were created, many of which have since been recorded and shared across social media. These have been very well received, prompting Crimestoppers to run a second workshop and plan half a dozen more next year. By having a series of powerful stories created, staff will now be able to choose and share the one that best suits the potential donor, volunteers, new recruit or member of the public that will get the best results.

“I have to be honest: I was a skeptic. But I was so wrong. It’s hard to overestimate the impact that Josh and ‘the whole story’ had with my charity. He inspires, enthuses and motivates in a very charismatic and approachable manner. He really gets people to believe and up their game. Within days, we were improving our copy and far better, connecting with our partners and supporters. It wasn’t just the communications team either; the approach benefited all. In short, a transformative experience: highly recommended.”

Chief Executive


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