We’ll give you and your team the techniques and the confidence to think clearer, talk better and grow stronger.

Whether you’re a bank, a charity, a football club we can help you find your intriguing beginning, your gripping plot and your happy ending.

Our training is great for communication but its more than that.


Engaging an audience and making your message unforgettable is easier than you think.

The key is a few simple techniques, a gripping plot and knowing how to tell that story.

We can show you and your team how to present, how to connect with your audience and how to convey the truth of your mission.

Developing and understanding strategy and change

A lot of organisations fail to see the whole story.

Some get it completely muddled. We can fix that.

If you can explain your ideas and goals in a way that captures the imagination… well, you’re already one step ahead.

Our storytelling techniques can focus and involve you and your team in change and strategies.

Brand and values

Stories are experiences. What you, your team, your customers experience is what makes your brand and values real.

What stories do you want to tell about who your organisation is and what it stands for?

Our training will make your brand and values tangible.

Organisational Engagement

Join in. Take part. Be one of us.

Great intentions, yet team building can feel forced and uncomfortable.

Story creation workshops build connections across teams and departments. You get to meet and know colleagues and share in their successes and achievements.

Our approach is fun and humiliation free, with the added bonus of a skill being learnt along the way.

Case Studies